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As you know, a house or an apartment requires a definite amount of cleaning to keep it in optimum condition.  You may be doing this yourself, or perhaps you have someone in to clean.


If it is the former, possibly you are thinking about finding someone to perform these tasks to free yourself for other activities.  Or, if you already employ a house cleaner, you may be dissatisfied with their performance but have not sought out someone else thinking that better cannot be had; it is our most often heard complaint that good house cleaners are hard to find.  Besides this, a high rate of turnover in house cleaners and an extreme range in the quality of their cleaning, are the next two most vexing problems.  After a succession of indifferent house cleaners many people often resign themselves to a lower standard of cleaning than they would like to maintain.


QUALITY CLEANING CO., I believe, offers a remedy.  We differ from the usual cleaning service in a number of important ways.  First, we keep in touch with the customer to insure that there is no falling off of standards.  We maintain our high quality of service by carefully screening our house cleaner applicants to find the most energetic and reliable people who will value the job and thus take an interest in their work. 


If you are considering a housecleaning service, or are thinking of changing from your present one, it will be to your advantage to try QUALITY CLEANING CO.  Our fee is reasonable and, with the quality of our service in mind, a good value.  Our minimum session of three hours is half that of most services so that it is economical to employ our service for the smallest of spaces. 

Our cleaners will perform most  household chores and tailor the work to your needs and preferences.   


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