Quality Cleaning Company

Quality Cleaning Company  

Because you have better things to do.....

We understand New York; we are New Yorkers ourselves. We understand the busy lives and hectic schedules New Yorkers endure every day. We know about the traffic and the trains; the crowded sidewalks and parking tickets. Most importantly we understand the old adage that “time is money”, but in New York, our time is worth more. More than any other city in the world, in New York, time is of the essence.

Quality Cleaning Company has understood the unique qualities of our city for 24 years. We are not a chain or a franchise or a publicly owned company. We deal with every client on a personal level. When you give us a call you won’t be confronted with an endless voice menu, a mail inbox that is invariably full, or a secretary that will take a message and “call you later.” When you call us you have the ability to speak directly to the owner.

Our world is now filled with time saving devices that make our lives easier. From the GPS system in your car to the restaurant finder app on your iphone, we are surrounded by items that enhance our lives by making more time available for the things in life that are really important. That is what Quality Cleaning Corp. will do for you.

If you live in an apartment or a home, we can eliminate the mundane chore of cleaning from your life. If it’s a commercial building or medical office that needs cleaning, we will do it, thoroughly and responsibly, at any time of any day.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, they will be attended to by our honest , trustworthy, and dependable staff. Our company is fully bonded and insured and priced competitively with any company in New York.

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